Red Cross Calling for Area Volunteers

The Iowa Region of the American Red Cross is hosting information sessions where people can learn about the response efforts to Hurricane Florence and how to become a trained Red Cross volunteer. Disaster Program Manager, Keith Kuperman says they’ve been getting more calls since the hurricane watch started, and they want to take advantage of that.

He says the national disaster response creates a need for more help.

Kuperman says those who are interested in learning to volunteer would have some work to do before they would deploy outside the state.

Kuperman says they are always looking for new volunteers.

Kuperman says the first thing they look for in new volunteers are people who have a passion for the mission of the Red Cross to help others. And he says they look for people who are flexible and can adapt.

And he says you have to be flexible enough to know you aren’t going to be staying in a five-star hotel.

The Red Cross pays the travel and lodging expenses when you are sent out as a volunteer to help with recovery. Kuperman was a volunteer before he took this job, and says while you don’t get paid, you do get the positive benefits of helping others.

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about volunteering, you can call the Red Cross state-wide conference line to receive the information. Call 1-866-617-3597 and use Participant ID: 585288#. You can also become a registered Red Cross volunteer by visiting