Garner Explores Zoning Options for On Site Cannabis Oil Sales

The City of Garner is exploring the idea of zoning for the sale of cannabis oil. The city is being proactive because of a movement at the capitol in Des Moines to legalize cannabis oil for medical treatment. According to Garner City Clerk Daisy Huffman, the city is taking these steps, much in the same fashion as was done for fireworks.

If the state legislature were to pass the sale of cannabis oil, it would directly impact cities and their ability to regulate where the shop could be set up at.

If the resolution before the council is approved, cannabis oil shops would have to be in a permanent building and locate in industrial parts of the city away from schools, public locations, churches, and residential developments.

Already, cannabis oil manufacturing sites are being built. Medfarm Iowa is building two separate locations. One is in Windsor Heights in Des Moines while the other is in Sioux Falls. The company has already won the rights to have two dispensaries ready to grow, harvest, and sell medical marijuana. Medpharm Iowa spokesman Lucas Nelson explains that the construction of the facilities is right on schedule.

According to Nelson, production cycles have already begun and are going along well.

While no one from Medpharm Iowa has been in contact with the City of Garner, manufacturers of cannabis oil are going forward with factory and farm construction in anticipation of the passage of the law.

The City of Garner is at a second reading of the cannabis oil zoning resolution. They are looking at perspective zoning locations before moving forward with the readings.