Winnebago County Explores An Outside Economic Development Company

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are exploring an idea to enhance the current partnership with Winnebago-Worth Betterment Company or Winn-Worth BETCO. Community Economic Development Association or CEDA has offered to help with economic development in the two county area. According to Supervisor Terry Durby, the company works closely with rural communities and counties to develop and implement business development plans.

The county is taking a proactive approach to entice business and industry to locate in Winnebago County or draw industry to Worth County, possibly creating population growth and an influx of small business too. The county does not want to replace Winn-Worth BETCO and considers them a valuable asset. However, they also see the value of working with CEDA.

Winnebago Supervisor Bill Jensvold agreed that working with CEDA would dramatically expand the horizons of business and industry relocation enticement to the area.

The former head of Winn Worth BETCO Teresa Nicholson left her position to take another post leaving a void to fill. According to Durby, finding someone to replace her will be very tough which is why the county is considering the move.

The county has tabled signing the contract with CEDA in order to work out some outstanding details in the agreement. At the earliest, Winnebago County could begin using CEDA by October 1st if the details are worked out and the agreement is signed.