Area Now Ahead in Precipitation Levels From Early September Storms

After recent storms in the area, precipitation levels are at or above normal for the month of September while August saw the area finish at least an inch and half above normal.

  In Forest City, the month of August saw 5.55 inches of rain fall in the area. The normal established by the National Weather Service is 4.17 inches of rain. This left the area 1.38 inches of rain above normal.

  In comparison, Clarion saw 8.88 inches of rain during the month. The normal amount is 3.82 inches of rain leaving Clarion and immediate surrounding communities 5.06 inches above normal.

  Mason City did not have as much of an overage. 4.53 inches of rain fell in Mason City while the normal is 4.04 inches. This meant the city was .39 inches above normal for August.

  For the month of September, Forest City is already well above the norm. The Forest City Airport reported that 3.12 inches of rain has fallen in the first five days of September. The normal is .59 inches of rain meaning that the immediate area is now 2.53 inches above normal.

In Clarion, 3.04 inches have already fallen putting the city and immediate area 2.46 inches above normal. Mason City and the immediate surrounding area have seen 1.47 inches of rain putting the area 1.02 inches above normal.

  Rain has come to an end for about the next seven days. Forecasters are eyeing the remnants of Tropical Depression Gordon as the next influence of rain in southern and central Iowa, but northern Iowa will probably escape the rainfall.