National Weather Service Reports June Had Two Confirmed Local Tornadoes

The National Weather Service has confirmed only two tornadoes struck northern Iowa in the month of June. Both caused minor damage, but were significant enough to be confirmed by the National Weather Service.

One of the confirmed tornadoes occurred on June 9th between 3:07pm and 3:13pm. a weak tornado developed northeast of Forest City and stayed in rural areas. The tornado was captured on video from several different angles. While the condensation funnel did not extend to the ground for much of its path, video clearly shows debris and dust being picked up by the surface circulation. The tornado snapped power transmission poles along with damage to crops as it remained over agricultural land for the duration of its path.

One of the downed Dairyland Power Poles east of Forest City.

The second tornado was deemed as a brief weak tornado that formed south of Fertile and moved slowly southeast. The tornado remained in open agricultural land with damage only to crops. It was confirmed through on site inspection and videos caught by storm chasers.