Worth Supervisors Vote to Reconstitute Sharing Agreement

Worth County Board of Supervisors met on Monday to discuss two key issues. The first had to do with a 28E Sharing Agreement between the county and Mitchell County. The two counties were sharing the same Emergency Management Coordinator. Mitchell County has since seated their own coordinator and the Worth County felt it necessary to then terminate the agreement and did so in the Monday morning session.

The second agreement had to do with the sharing of another employee, originally employed by the County Social Services Mental Health Region. Sandy Mireles saw her position eliminated by the group forcing Worth, Hancock, and Winnebago Counties to have to explore options to keep the services Mireles. Winnebago County offered to rehire Mireles on a temporary basis until a new 28E Agreement could be drafted. Hancock County has since voted to approve the new agreement as has Winnebago County. On Monday, Worth County formally approved the Resolution 2018.08.20 that reconstituted the old 28E Agreement for Social Services.

Worth County Supervisors will meet again on Monday next week.