North Iowa Schools May Lose a Bus Route

In a move prompted by a lack of applicants, the North Iowa Community Schools may reduce the number of bus routes from five to four this fall. School administrators believe the option is feasible seeing that no qualified candidate applied for the vacant bus driver position created by the retiring Doug Aukes.

School administrators have been preparing for this eventuality. Over the summer, discussions took place on ways to reduce routes, but still keep students on busses no more than an hour. At the moment, one bus will be full while the others would be near capacity. One bus would take the Lakota route, another would cover Thompson, while another would take the Rake route. A fourth would cover the Woden and Titonka areas. Since Forest City Schools have jurisdiction over Woden, the North Iowa Schools would only be able to pick up students outside of city limits. A stop has been established at the Immanuel Lutheran Church for Woden students attending North Iowa Community Schools.