Forest City Council Safety Committee Opts to Discuss Pit Bull Issue Further

The Forest City Council Safety Committee held a meeting last week to consider lifting a ban on the pit bull variety of dogs. The hope was to make a recommendation to the city council on Monday night regarding a resolution to the situation. Forest City Mayor Byron Ruiter talked to KIOW News about what will happen going forward.

As the committee works toward a resolution, Sybil Soukup, Director of the Humane Society says that those wishing to adopt any dog, even those who may be classified as a pit bull type should really know what they are about to do.

No timeline has been established on what resolution will come forward to the full council. This means that for the moment, pit bull varieties remain illegal in Forest City. In other communities, that rule may not apply. One should check with their city to find out the rules on adopting and housing a pit bull variety of dog. Soukup said that if anyone were to come to the Humane Society looking to adopt a pit bull variety, she would be very careful on which pit bull like dog would get adopted.

Soukup recommends training for both the pet owner and the dog so that the dog can become more obedient and safer around others in a family or friend setting.