Winnebago Industries Institutes Cutbacks

A Winnebago Industries spokesman has confirmed cutbacks at the company’s plant in Forest City.

Chad Reece said Thursday that fewer than 35 people were dismissed at the end of July. He wouldn’t provide a more precise number but did say the cutbacks were permanent. He says the company constantly,  “…refines its staffing to meet production demands and future business needs.” Reece went on to say that regarding production levels, “Sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down.” As a result, they must adjust production levels. Many of the 35 employees who were released worked in maintenance.

The company had reported third and fourth quarter earnings resulting in profits of $86 million and $98 million.

Reece said that Winnebago Industries will absorb the laid off positions, “into current functions within our motor home business.”

He says Winnebago employs 2,600 to 2,700 people at the plant, which is more than half of the company’s total workforce. The company makes motor homes and other outdoor products.