Road Closures Announced in Hancock County

Several roads in Hancock County will be closed due to repairs. The first of these begins and ends today. DENCO Construction is working to slurry level 210th between Pine Avenue and Highway 69. They will be using a Pilot Car to guide commuters through the project which extends 2.45 miles and should be done by 3pm, weather permitting.

R35 or James Avenue will be closed from 220th Street to the north city limits of Kanawha due to road construction. The road is scheduled to reopen on October 22nd. All roads accessing James Avenue are currently closed. The project spans 9.68 miles.

Another area of concern is the slurry leveling that will begin on August 6th on Crane Avenue. The project will span 34.67 miles and should take two weeks, weather permitting. The road crews will be using a Pilot to move traffic through the job sites. Crews are planning on starting north of Britt by the golf course and then heading north.