Winnebago Board to Consider Drainage Matters Today

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will consider a number of drainage items this morning as they meet in the Winnebago County Courthouse beginning at 9am. The meeting will begin with a public hearing on work done for Drainage District 1 Sublet 1 Lateral 2. The public will have a chance to voice their opinion or concerns on the project. the board will then vote to approve the work being done by Cory Juergens Construction or table it. Juergens is asking for a pay estimate to be approved for work in the district.

Drainage District 47 is about to be reclassified. The project runs through Lake Mills and the county would like a re-evaluation of drainage levies for a more accurate assessment. The board will then set a public hearing date for the public to hear and comment on the report.

In reviewing district borders, the Auditors Office found a discrepancy in Drainage District 11. The board will review the need to annex land adjacent to the district and discuss if any further action such as a public hearing or resolution is needed. This will be followed discussion on the need for animal guards of outlet pipes in Drainage District 1.

A 12 inch tile may need to be replaced or improved in Drainage District 92. The board will have a number of options available. Discussion on increasing the size of the tile to handle the drainage load or to replace the existing tile will be reviewed.

The board is still considering options on the old jail facility. One of them is to demolish it and possibly create extra downtown parking. The board will discuss the options in today’s meeting.