ISU Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm’s Annual Home Demonstration Garden Field Day is July 28

 The ISU NE Research and Demonstration Farm near Nashua will hold the annual
Demonstration Garden tour Saturday
, July 28. The public is invited to attend, and ice cream will be served after the 4 pm event.

“The theme for this year is planting the rainbow, with vegetables planted to be donated to nearby food pantries ranging in colors like pink tomatoes, purple snap beans, yellow cauliflower and orange winter squash,”  said Cindy Haynes, a horticulture associate
professor who coordinates the field days.

 Haynes said another part of the demonstration gardens are planted in flowers for bees, including Tithonia, part of the sunflower family, and borage. Iowa State entomologists will participate in the field day to share information about planting nectar plants and host plants for bees and other pollinators.