Storms Bring More Rain to the Area and Tornadoes to Central Iowa

The area was once again pelted with heavy rain and thunderstorms on Thursday. While no flooding took place to the extent it was three weeks ago, it did flood area farm fields and cause strains on drainage systems in some locations.

While the area suffered through another round of heavy rain, locations to the south experienced worse conditions. Around 2:30pm KIOW went on air to announce a tornado warning in Franklin and Wright Counties. Not far from there, tornadoes were touching down in Bondurant, Marshalltown, and Pella. The twisters struck Bondurant first causing widespread damage before gathering strength and striking Marshalltown. The courthouse spire was torn off and brick buildings were destroyed or severely damaged.

Image taken by Jeremy Flores near Pella.

At the same time, another tornado touched down in Pella destroying the Vermeer plant injuring several who were in and around the facility. The parking lot was littered with debris and cars were stacked up one on top of the other. The plant manufactures industrial, environmental, and agricultural equipment.

North Iowa is now heading into a dry spell for about ten days according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Rod Donovan.

That is good news for farmers who are trying to get their fields to once again dry out.

An area field that had just dried out is now filled again.

Most farmers had not attempted to replant in the flooded areas from rains three weeks ago. ISU extension specialists said that the latest that replanting could take place was early July.