Gravel Roads Could See An Enforced Speed Limit

Hancock County officials could soon enforce a lower speed limit on portions of Kent Avenue, due to increased usage, speed and accidents on that gravel road.  According to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach, more vehicles seem to be traveling at an excessive speed on the gravel road due to the closing of county road R35.

Hancock County’s $5.4 million reconstruction project began earlier this summer on R35 (also known as James Avenue).  R35 is the most traveled hard surfaced road between Britt and Kanawha. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors declared county road R26, just 5 miles west of R35, as the official detour.  It appears many people are choosing the gravel routes over the detour, but Tlach says they are hoping a lower speed limit could hinder that, and ultimately prevent accidents.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors also gave the county engineer approval to temporarily drop the speed limit down to 35 on Jewel Avenue from 210th Street to 220th Street for the same reasons.

Motorists are encouraged to use county road R26 until R35 has been re-opened. After weather delays and getting caught up with a second crusher, Tlach says the construction crew is on target to begin paving in September.