Grassley Says Russia is No Friend to the U. S.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says President Trump missed multiple opportunities during the just-concluded talks with Russia to hold that nation responsible for attacks on our democracy. Grassley says Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a liar” and is “no friend to the United States.” Referring to Trump, Grassley says “the president has made a lot of mistakes…in trusting Russia.”

Following talks between the two nations’ leaders in Finland on Monday, Trump made it clear he accepted Putin’s denial that Russia interfered in the 2016 U. S. presidential election. Grassley remains unconvinced.

Last Friday, the U. S. Justice Department indicted a dozen Russian agents for taking part in an alleged hacking scheme during the election. Grassley says Trump should have used the talks to ask for the transfer of those “criminals” so they can be brought to the U. S. to stand trial. Grassley says Trump should have challenged Putin and simply didn’t, a move that’s bringing harsh criticism of Trump from members of both parties.

An Iowa state legislator quit the Republican Party on Monday based on President Trump’s comments in Finland. Representative Ken Rizer of Marion says he’s now a registered “no party” voter and he calls Trump’s performance in Helsinki the last straw.