Cities in Hancock County Mull Over 28E Emergency Dispatch Agreement

Cities in Hancock County continue to review a draft 28E agreement regarding paying for 911 dispatch services. In a meeting this week by the Garner City Council, official reviewed what cities in Hancock County will pay the most in levies, while others pay a lesser fee all, of which, are based on population.

County officials wanted to create a dividing line where those cities with over 500 in population paid substantially more than those who were less than 500 people. To further complicate the issue, rural residents say they are paying twice because the county would be taking the money out of the general fund to pay for their end of the deal between cities and the county. Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing says that problem has been rectified in the current draft.

Progress has been shown in how various cities will pay for the operation of the 911 Dispatch Center.

Concerns have been raised if the amount were to go over that figure mentioned by Lansing. Britt was the first to voice that their city budget cannot handle any higher amounts.

While there was no 100% consensus on the actual percentage of figures  each city and the county will pay, there was progress. The cities within Hancock County will continue to work on an amicable solution to help pay for 911 dispatch services.