Final Score: King 2, Amnesty Supporters 0

Congressman Steve King releases the following statement in reaction to the defeat of two bills in the House of Representatives that sought to provide Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. King, a nationally recognized leader on the issues of illegal immigration and border security, worked diligently to secure the votes necessary to defeat both pieces of Amnesty legislation. Last week, the House defeated HR 4760 on a vote of 193-231. Today, the House defeated Speaker Ryan’s Amnesty bill, HR 6136, on a vote of 121-301.

“The House stood up for the Rule of Law by defeating Paul Ryan’s attempt to shove an Amnesty agenda down the throat of the American public,” said King. “Americans elected President Trump to ‘Build The Wall!’ and they elected a Republican House and Senate to assist him in the effort. This Congress was not elected to pass a sweeping Amnesty that would have repeated the mistakes of 1986. Instead of wasting our time granting legal protections to admitted criminals, we should be addressing the border security agenda the American people want.”

Many attribute Congressman King’s work exposing and disseminating the government’s closely held data on DACA recipients as being a key and decisive moment in the national debate over the legislation. King’s unearthed DACA data contains shocking statistics revealing the extent to which the American public would have been placed at risk of criminal violence by those seeking Amnesty. Included in the data were the facts that 66% of DACA recipients who admitted to crimes received permits anyway, and that nearly 60,000 illegal aliens with existing arrest records for crimes including rape, murder, and assault, would have been allowed to stay.

King’s leadership on this issue has not gone unnoticed. John and Andy Schlafly, conservative activists and the sons of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, have publicly proposed a test by which Americans should measure weather an immigration bill should become law. Under the Schlafly test“no bill on immigration is worth supporting unless Representatives King and Barletta are on board.”