Naig Comments on Newly Imposed Chinese Tariffs

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig issued the following statement on China’s tariffs on a number of U.S. agricultural products that have gone into effect today. The products targeted by China include soybeans, corn, pork, beef and poultry.

“The continued escalation of trade tensions with China is having a real impact on Iowa farmers and businesses. We have seen a significant drop in prices for both crops and livestock and this is creating even more stress and uncertainty during what was already a difficult time for the ag economy.

“There are real issues in our trade relationship with China that need to be addressed, but Iowa agriculture cannot continue to bear the brunt of the retaliation from our trading partners.

“The Administration needs to move forward quickly to provide market certainty for farmers for this year and as they plan ahead for 2019.  I will continue to work with the Governor and our federal delegation to urge the quick resolution of the current disputes with China and our NAFTA trading partners, and also to develop new export markets for Iowa products. It is also important for the Administration to protect our critically important renewable fuels market by maintaining the ethanol and biodiesel levels required by law and allow for the year round sale of E15.”