Rosenstein Dodges King’s Questions re: DOJ’s Failure to Produce FISA Documents

Congressman Steve King releases the following video of his exchange with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during today’s Judiciary Committee Oversight Hearing examining “FBI and DOJ Actions Surrounding the 2016 Election.” The oversight hearing occurred on the same day that the House of Representatives passed a resolution, H.Res. 970, insisting that the Department of Justice fully comply within 7 days with Congressional requests regarding the production of documents that relate to potential violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance. King voted in favor of the resolution, which passed the House on a Vote of 226-183.


In his round of questioning, King grilled Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein about whether the Department of Justice would fully provide information even if the President of the United States ordered it all to be declassified. Rosenstein’s answers were unsatisfactory for anyone interested in full disclosure. In fact, King was forced to rebuke Rosenstein for failing to provide a direct answer. As King points out, if the American public and the Congress are to have confidence in the DOJ/FBI’s 2016 actions, “as much information as possible” has to have “sunlight on it.”