King on the Conservative Review- Gov’t Doesn’t Know How Many Criminals Were Given Amnesty

In case you missed it, Conservative Review has published a second explosive story detailing the massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people via efforts to grant Amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA program. The article’s author, Daniel Horowitz, was given exclusive access to the government’s closely-held data regarding those in the DACA population, data which was only obtained by Congressman Steve King after he placed months of intense pressure on the Department of Homeland Security. It is believed that King is the only Member of Congress to have reviewed what the government claims to know about DACA applicants.

In this installment, Conservative Review dives deeper into the depths of the DACA data to expose more about what the government knows, and doesn’t know, about DACA recipients. The conclusions are shocking, and reveal a government willing to place the safety of its citizens and legal residents behind its desire to quickly grant Amnesty to illegal aliens. (Part One: “Vital information on DACA recipients missing from government database” is available here.)

Congressman King, an opponent of Amnesty, encourages the public to read Horowitz’s piece, “The government doesn’t even know how many criminals were given amnesty” and to demand accountability from their elected representatives. Americans opposed to the House passage of an Amnesty program dreamed up by lame-duck Speaker Paul Ryan that rewards criminal aliens for their unlawful presence in our country are encouraged to call their Member of Congress and express their opposition.

Excerpts from “The government doesn’t even know how many criminals were given amnesty”:

“We were all told that “Dreamers” are as pure as the wind-driven snow and that we shouldn’t deport entrepreneurs, etc.; rather, we should focus our enforcement on criminals. We should therefore expect that on this data point, perhaps more than any other, the government would meticulously document all self-reported and discovered criminals among the applicants, record the data, and obviously deny them DACA status.

Not so.

Once again, criminal information on only 87,076, roughly 10 percent, of the initial applications was stored in the electric “ELIS” system. The DACA form asks applicants if they “[h]ave ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor[…]?” Of the small universe of recorded data for initial renewals, Rep. King was informed that 3,507 had self-reported as having a criminal record. Bizarrely, the USCIS said that criminal information on 5,835 of the applications was “not available.” Most disturbingly, 66 percent, or 1,191, of those self-reported criminals were approved, and 4,946 (85 percent) of the “not available” category were approved! That might not sound like a lot of people, but remember, these are just the self-reported criminals. You can imagine how many lied and didn’t check that box.”

. . .

“This point is accentuated by the fact that when it comes to renewals, which were mainly after the electronic records were in place in late 2015, 33,709 self-reported as criminals, and 94 percent, or 31,854, were granted approval. An additional 9,218 renewal applications were listed as having the criminal status “not available,” of which 97 percent were approved!

Indeed, USCIS just published new data since sending Steve King the original criminal data showing that a total of 59,786 DACA recipients have been arrested while in the U.S. Arrest records show some were apprehended for assault, rape, drug charges, and even murder — and yet were still given status.

What we do know is that a number of DACA recipients have turned out to be drug smugglers and MS-13 members, and UACs/“dreamers” as a whole are supplying the surge of drugs and MS-13. One disturbing fact about the data is that those who applied under the age of 14 were never even fingerprinted. Now, one might say there is no need to look at the criminal record of people that young, but this means there is no basic way of verifying their identity. And remember, when they are too young to provide us a glimpse into their threat assessment, that means we cannot say they are harmless, especially when they are of the prime recruiting age for MS-13.”

. . .

One of the big talking points propagated in support of DACA is that these are the best and brightest, who are well educated and stand to be net contributors to society. Officially, DACA recipients were required to either be currently attending school or (if older) have a high school diploma or GED. It turns out that for a whopping 69 percent of the 817,798 total approved applications, the USCIS does not have readily available information on education status. Of the remaining pool of recipients for whom there is information, only 15.4 percent have a high school diploma or GED, and only 13.3 percent have up to one year of college. Only 235 individuals (0.1 percent) have an associate’s degree, and 246 have a bachelor’s degree; 16 individuals have advanced degrees.

If so much of the critical criteria for the most important eligibility factors went unreported in 14 million pages of paper documents, and much of what is reported downright betrays those conditions, it’s hard to imagine that the data that indicates that prima facie eligibility was verified carefully.”

. . .

The moral of the story is that, in this political environment, there is no right way to do amnesty. It will never work for the American citizen.”