Garner Tightens Behavioral Rules at the Pool

Swimming pools are meant for fun and family enjoyment. However, at the Garner Aquatic Center, some patrons were taking things a little too far according to social media reports. Allegedly, older children were using profanity, ignoring lifeguards, and causing dangerous situations for other patrons, especially younger children.

In a recent meeting of the Garner City Council, a report was given on the situation and what should be done according to City Administrator Randy Lansing.

The report gives better direction on how to handle various situations. For pool employees, this means that they will have guidelines on how to warn, discipline, or evict unruly patrons from the pool area and grounds. Some of these guidelines are very strict according to Lansing.

Lansing is quick to note that most pool patrons obey the rules of the pool and are adherent to the staff, but a few have become problematic creating the need for a four strike, your out policy.