King, Bannon Warn House GOP: A Vote for DACA Amnesty is a Vote for Former Speaker Pelosi

In case you missed it, the Washington Post has a published account of former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s appearance at the weekly Conservative Opportunity Society (COS) breakfast hosted by COS Chairman, Steve King. Bannon, whose unique insights into 2016’s political dynamics contributed to the stunning election of President Donald Trump, provided key insights on today’s political landscape to the two-dozen or so conservatives in attendance.

Of particular importance to those in attendance today, were Bannon’s remarks on the subject of illegal immigration. While some in the GOP are advocating passing legislation that would provide Amnesty to DACA recipients (a position opposed by Congressman King), Bannon warned that doing so could cost the GOP its House Majority and lead to the ascension of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a prospect which should fill all who consider themselves to be conservatives with dread.

In the Post story, King characterizes Bannon’s important, off-the-record remarks to House Republicans as follows:

In a morning session with about two dozen conservatives, Bannon warned that passing a bill could cost the GOP control of the House in November.

‘It came down to the central point he delivered, which is — if any bill passes the House with amnesty in it, it fractures the party and the base would be disgusted, and it could cost the party the majority in the fall,’ said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), recounting Bannon’s words. ‘The country knows what amnesty is. To restore the Rule of Law would be impossible if it is destroyed by putting amnesty into law.’

King said many of the lawmakers at the session were receptive to Bannon’s argument.”

If elements within the GOP are successful in passing an Amnesty for illegal aliens, knowing it will likely cost the House Republicans their majority, these elements will say a lot of things to justify their unwanted assault on the Rule of Law. One thing that they will not be able to say, however, is “we weren’t warned.”