Cancer Radiothon: She Encourges Others From Her Own Childhood Affliction

Most of us think that cancer is an adult thing. It only happens to those who are older. This is definitely not the case. Cancer can strike anyone from infants to 100 years old because it has no preference and no limits. What many may not understand is what it is like to be that infant or young child who is full of promise and opportunity and then is stricken by cancer.

Image being two years old, full of energy and spirit, when suddenly it strikes. Alicia Klett knows this story all too well and for her, there was no way to understand what this was, why she was getting treated, and what was going on. How can you fight something when you don’t even comprehend what it is?

Alicia relays to us the story of the courage, the determination, and the drive of her then, and now as she helps others fight and defeat cancer, no matter the age.


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