Garner City Council To Meet Tonight

The Garner City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm to address a number of issues before the city. The first will be to hear a report by the Parks and Recreation Department on curbing bad behavior of pool patrons. This will be followed by Glen Juhl of the Garner Volunteer Ambulance Service who will address the board on the severe shortage of volunteers for the Ambulance Service. Several area counties and municipalities are facing the same issue. Wright County decided recently to declare ambulance services as essential, thus appropriating county monies to better fund the department.

Road issues will follow in tonight’s meeting. The council is being petitioned to allow for a street closure on July 4th. The Garner VFW wants to close Center Street between west 3rd and west 4th between 5pm and 10pm for celebration activities. The council may approve the request in tonight’s meeting. the council will then review repair work to west 3rd Street and Allen Avenue. Discussion on reconstruction of the road is slated to take place followed by a speed limit ordinance approval on Ordinance 434. This creates a 35 mph speed zone on portions of North State Street and on Taft Avenue. Then parking ticket payments will be addressed. The council may enter into a 28E Agreement  through Resolution 2018-48. This bars Hancock County residents from registering their vehicles with the county until all parking tickets have been paid. Finally, the portion of R 64 within the city limits will be renamed as Taft Avenue.

Residential issues will also be addressed. The council may remand the zoning Board of Adjustment’s conditional use permit to Echo Development Group to construct a 10 unit multifamily dwelling at 895 W. 8th Street. This will be followed by a public hearing on the lots 8 and 9 in Cobblestone Estate’s 3rd subdivision. The council may approve the sale and the amended agreement with Resolution 2018-47.

The council will meet in the Garner City Hall. The public is welcome to attend.