Plans are to Connect Wright and Humboldt County Cities Via Trails

An ambitious plan to link cities in Wright and Humboldt Counties will have its first test of public input on June 18th at the Wright County Courthouse. The MIDAS Council of Governments will be holding a public meeting today beginning at 9:30am on a long range trail plan.

The trail itself will span from the Clear Lake and Mason City Trolley Trail all the way to the Three Rivers Trail in Humboldt. It would include connecting the Trolley Trail to the Belmond Franklin Grove Trail, then into the Lake Cornelia Trail going through Eagle Grove and Clarion, and then joining the Three Rivers Trail in Humboldt.

Other connections in the future include other trails in Fort Dodge, Hampton, Allison, and Shell Rock.

The purposes of the trail are to give bikers an off road connection between nearby cities and towns to their own hometown without fighting road traffic, open up pedestrian avenues, and creating a single extended pathway between cities in Humboldt and Cerro Gordo counties