Hancock County Board to Hold Land Hearings

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will hold a series of land hearings with landowners today beginning at 9am in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner. The first of these will begin at 9am and will cover Drainage District 10 Lateral 2F. Landowners will first discuss the annexation report and how it may effect them. The second hearing will cover the reclassification of district and it’s impact on the effected landowners. Tile Repair

The third and fourth meetings will cover Drainage District 1 and 2 East Main Lateral 6. Due to the expected size and scope of the project, the meetings have been moved to the Basement Meeting Room in the Law Enforcement Center in Garner. They are scheduled to begin at 10:30am. The first meeting there will discuss annexation of lands into the district. The second meeting is schedule to begin at 11am and will cover the reclassification portion of the project. Ditch cleanout

The purpose for the meetings has to do with drainage benefits. Currently, the proposed annexed lands in both drainage districts is benefitting from the drainage it provides, but neither lands are incorporated into a drainage district according to the engineers reports. The county needs to annex the lands into appropriate drainage districts so that accurate levies can be levied. The engineers and the county will explain the need for annexation to all effected landowners.