UPDATED: Storms and a Tornado Strike The Area

Saturday afternoon has proven to be a very active weather day. Reports of a tornado were called into the KIOW Studios beginning at 3pm and was situated east of the Forest City Golf Course. Power was knocked out briefly due to power line poles that were downed east of town. The Dairyland power lines fed electricity into Forest City. Now the city is generating its own power until the lines can be restored.

Another power pole damaged in the storm.

Several reports of hail were texted or phoned into the station. They ranged from pea size to golf ball in Leland.

Another of the power poles damaged in the storm.

The storm system moved east prompting further tornado warnings and a flash flood warning for Worth County until 10pm.

This hailstone fell about 1 mile south of Leland according to a listener who took the picture.

An inch of rain was reported near Hayfield. Hanlontown reported nearly two inches. Fertile called in a report of an inch and a half. Listeners in Miller reported 2 inches of rain. Forest City reported nearly an inch.

As a result of the storms, the Blue Stars will postpone their free performance at Bolstorff Field at Waldorf University until Sunday at 6pm. There will be no racing at the Southtown Speedway tonight due to the rain.

After the storm passed, a rainbow appeared behind the Blue Stars Travel Truck at Waldorf University.

A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 10pm for the entire broadcast area.