Flash Flooding in Mason City Part of the Overnight Storm Picture

Many local areas had flash flooding this morning after up to five inches of rain fell across the region. Highway 9 was closed for a time because of water going over the roadway and there were listener reports of damage to structures in Thompson. The Iowa River near Belmond has been rising along with the Winnebago in Forest City and parts down river. Cerro Gordo County Emergency Management Coordinator Steve O’Neil says they quickly closed several roads and evacuated an apartment complex in a flood-prone area on the southwest side of Mason City.

The are 24 units in the complex’s three buildings. Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the start of heavy rains that led to flooding and millions of dollars in damage around Mason City and many other cities across northern and eastern Iowa. According to O’Neil, emergency responders are much better prepared for weather disasters today than they were a decade ago.

Mason City Firefighters did use boats today to rescue three people who didn’t get out of their building before it was surrounded by water.