Area Corn Growers and Senators Object to Retroactive RFS Waivers

North Iowa corn growers along with Iowa’s two U-S Senators are not happy about a new report that says the EPA granted retroactive waivers to refineries to allow them to get around the requirements for blending ethanol in gasoline under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Republican Senator Chuck Grassley talked about the issue during a meeting at Northwestern College in Orange City.

U. S. Senator Charles Grassley

Reuters reported the story of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt granting the retroactive waivers. Grassley says this is another case of what he calls “detractors” from keeping Pruitt in the position and says he needs answers on paper about them.

Ernst a Republican from Red Oak went on to say that the waivers to oil refineries and the delay in on the year-round use of E-15 is undermining the RFS.

U. S. Senator Joni Ernst

“Administrator Pruitt needs to understand that his actions to continue to grant waivers, now retroactively, to oil refineries is undermining the Renewable Fuel Standard – a program that Administrator Pruitt told Congress he was committed to upholding.  From granting waivers to oil refineries left and right to dragging his feet on fulfilling the President’s promise to farmers on E15, Administrator Pruitt is undermining the RFS,” said Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA).