Bicycle, Blues & BBQ Festival Re-routed, Not in Hancock County

The 2018 Bicycle, Blues and BBQ Festival held annually in Clear Lake is planned for July 6 – 8, and this year’s route does not include bicycling through Hancock County. Rural roadways in Hancock County have long been touted by cycling enthusiasts for safety, comfort and scenic beauty. But for the first time in years, the North Iowa Touring Club has announced bicyclists will not be cycling through Hancock County, according to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach.

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The Hancock County Board of Supervisors this week also certified the fiscal year 2018-19 wages that are set to take effect July 1st.  Tlach tells how much of a wage increase county officials will receive.

In other business, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors considered a resolution for Bridge Weight Limit Postings due to needed repairs or replacement of bridges. Tlach tells more about that discussion.