NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: The Holiday Weekend Brings With It, Bugs

One benefit of a cooler spring was a lack of mosquitoes in Iowa, but Deputy State Epidemiologist, Ann Garvey says the rains and warm weather have change that situation. Garvey says that makes it important to wear insect repellent if you are going to be outside.

If you are out during the day then you’ll need sunscreen along with the bug repellent. Doctor Garvey says the used of both often leads to a question.

Garvey says mosquitoes can carry disease and if you are in areas with trees or lots of grass, you could also be bitten by ticks and exposed to a disease.

Lyme disease is the only worry when it comes to ticks.

People pay a lot of attention to avoiding getting bitten by a tick or a mosquito, but sometimes forget some common things at the holiday picnic that can also lead to illnesses. Garvey says they see a lot of illnesses created by improper food handling.

You can find a variety of information on avoiding ticks and mosquitoes and proper food handling on the Iowa Department of Public Health website.