NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: Boating Season Means Extra Caution and Responsibility

The weather has finally turned warm enough for you to get your boat out on the water. The D. N. R. administrator who oversees boating laws in the state says don’t let your excitement at getting onto the water and celebrating turn into tragedy.

But she says drinking on the water has other issues that go with it.

There were 41 reported boating incidents on Iowa waters last year, with 22 of those involving personal injury, 15 were property damage accident, and there were four people killed in boating accidents. Stocker said the numbers were relatively the same for boating incidents in 2016. Stocker says you need to be aware of the water conditions when you are out on a lake or river. That’s especially true right now.

Iowa law also requires that the boat has a life jacket for everyone aboard.

You may find out more about boating safety on the D-N-R’s website at