King Votes to Provide Troops with Largest Pay Raise in Nine Years

Congressman Steve King releases the following statement following his vote in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA is important national security legislation that provides authorization for funds to be spent on behalf of our nation’s troops, as well as authorization for funds to be spent on rebuilding, maintaining, and strengthening our military capabilities. The NDAA passed the House of Representatives today on a vote of 351-66.

“President Obama neglected to serve the needs of our military for years, and the result has been a decrease in America’s military strength that the National Defense Authorization Act was written to address,” said King. “President Trump promised to rebuild our military, and this bill does so. It contains the largest pay raise in nine years for our troops, and it provides resources for additional aircraft, tanks, and submarines. We live in a dangerous world, and it is imperative that America’s enemies know that we have a military that is fully capable of meeting any demand that is placed upon it.”

Some highlights of the NDAA include:

  • Fully funds 2.6% pay raise for the troops – the highest increase in nine years
  • The FY19 NDAA provides resources to rebuild our military and provides additional aircraft, ships, and systems for our warfighter, including:

Ø  77 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters,

Ø  135 M1 Abram tanks,

Ø  two Virginia-class attack submarines

Ø  fully funds the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine and the B-21 Raider bomber programs, and

Ø  accelerates construction of a fourth Ford-class aircraft carrier


  • Supports Afghan forces fighting the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, authorizes the Counter ISIS Train and Equip fund to support partners and allies combatting ISIS, and continues to support our counterterrorism mission
  • Modernizes our nuclear deterrent and provides necessary funding to support missile defense to counter threats from Iran and North Korea