Hancock County Board to Focus on Drainage Matters Today

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet today in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner at 9am. Several issues will be discussed and a public hearing will be held at 9:30am. the hearing will be about two new deep swine finisher confinement buildings at Summit Farms. The board will hear public comment on the matrix scoring for the proposed new facilities.

The board will then begin discussion on a series of drainage issues. the first involves Drainage District 6 and it #4 Lateral. That will be followed by a request for authorization of a tile investigation in Drainage District 57. Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will then request an engineer for Drainage District 6 Main Open Ditch.

A pay estimate will need to be addressed for Drainage Districts 1 and 2 West Main and its Lateral 24, and Drainage District 38 Main A while looking at the need for headwall repair to Joint Drainage District 37-39.

The board will conclude drainage discussion with drainage assessment review of Drainage District 54-121, it’s main tile, Lateral 14 and 17, and Joint Drainage District 73-139’s Main Tile. This will be followed by a review of drainage levies.