SUNDAY TALK: King Discusses the House Defeat of the Farm Bill

U. S. Representative Steve King

Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, delivered special order remarks concerning the failure of the Farm Bill in the House of Representatives today. King, who voted in favor of passing the Farm Bill, spoke in strong defense of the 4th District of Iowa, the leading agricultural district in the United States.

In his remarks, King praised changes made to the SNAP program in the Farm Bill. These changes place work requirements of 20 hours a week on some food stamp recipients.

“20 Hours a week. Is that too much to ask, Mr. Speaker? For someone to put in 20 hours a week in order to eat for free all the other hours of the week? I think it’s entirely reasonable.  Furthermore, all work has dignity. All work has honor. All work enhances the work ethic and the character of the people doing it.”

King criticized House Democrats, who contributed to the defeat of the Farm Bill through unanimous opposition to this important legislation.

“We just need some Democrats who support work and we would’ve passed this bill here today. But looking at the roster, of those that voted no, every Democrat voted no on this Farm Bill. And they didn’t vote no because they didn’t like what was in it on the Ag side; they voted ‘No’ because there were work requirements in it on the food stamp side.”

The Democrats are not solely to blame for the bill’s failure, however. As King notes, some Republicans attempted to leverage the Farm Bill for a vote on an immigration bill containing Amnesty provisions.

“We are here today with a Farm Bill that went down on this floor. It went down because no Democrat supports work. It went down because some Republicans wanted to leverage this Farm Bill in order to get a bill out on the floor to vote on that has within it two components of Amnesty.”

King remains adamantly against the passage of amnesty legislation, citing it’s ruinous effects on the Rule of Law.

“I want to restore the Rule of Law, pass the Farm Bill, and I want to get people back to work. And I want to have allies on this floor that support work whether they are Democrats or Republicans.”