King Touts Key Farm Bill Provisions that “Keep Families on Farms”

Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, releases the following video of remarks he made during House debate on the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill, H.R. 2, was taken up for consideration this afternoon.

In his remarks, King placed special emphasis on the Farm Bill’s inclusion of legislation he drafted, the Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA). PICA protects, preserves, and restores the Commerce Clause by ensuring states cannot use regulatory hurdles to regulate the interstate trade of agricultural products. King’s legislation was added to the bill via a voice vote during committee markup of the legislation.

King highlights the Farm Bill’s protection of the Price Loss Coverage (PLC), the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), and the Crop Insurance programs.  “All of that keeps our families on the farm,” said King. “And if we don’t have that, market fluctuations take them off.”

King’s comments also focus attention on important Farm Bill provisions providing increased funding for the Market Access Program and the Foreign Market Development program. These programs are remarkably efficient in opening export markets to American agricultural goods.

Finally, King concluded his remarks by praising Agriculture Committee Chairman Conaway for including provisions in the underlying legislation creating and funding the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank and for including needed reforms to the SNAP welfare program.