Jensen Retirement Party Slated for Thursday

Forest City Police Chief Doug Jensen is retiring this week. The city will be having a retirement party in his honor on Thursday from 2pm to 4pm at the Forest City Police Department Headquarters Downstairs Meeting Room. He leaves a police department that has made tremendous strides during his tenure as Chief of Police. It returned to its headquarters that were the victim of an arson and has been working to better serve the community. Jensen attributes the change to a change in moral.

Jensen wanted to make his officers feel like they are important to the residents and to the city. As a result, he continually supports his staff in the work that they do in their everyday duties.

Jensen plays in four bands. He (yellow shirt) hopes to continue doing so into his retirement.

One of those areas of investigation has been drug trafficking and possession. Forest City Police have been actively involved in a number of investigations in this area. Under Jensen’s tenure, the department has had a number of coordinated drug busts involving the city, area county sheriffs offices, the State Patrol, and the Iowa Bureau of Investigation. Jensen notes that he wanted to make drug enforcement an area of emphasis.

Jensen said that he had set goals for himself and the department which were quickly reached in a short time. Now he looks forward to retirement spending his time traveling with his wife, working in his woodworking shop at home, and remaining active. As to whether he would miss police work?