Drainage Matters to Donimate Winnebago Supervisors Meeting Today

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at  9am with a lot of drainage business to review. The board will hold six Public Hearings, review four reclassification reports, and possibly approve up to three Drainage District Commissioners Reports. The first district to be addressed will be Drainage District 21  which involves the annexation of a small parcel of land. The district will also need to be reclassified to allow for more accurate levies to be charged for use of the district. The board will then hold public hearings on the project, onw on annexation and the other on reclassification.

The board will then look at two areas in Drainage District 3-11. Both lateral 5 and lateral 7 are in need of reclassification according to the Auditor’s Office so the board will hear the District Commissioners Report on each before holding a public hearing on each lateral. This will be followed by an annexation report and a reclassification report on Drainage District 103. A public hearing will be held on each of these.

Rick Hopper with Jacobson-Westergard will discuss a potential project involving Drainage District sub 1 Lateral 2. The project involves a cleanout of the lateral in conjunction with a cleanout of Drainage District 1 being done by Larson Contracting. The company is submitting a third pay estimate on the project for payment.

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend approaching, 3 Fingers Campground is seeking a fireworks permit for approval from the board.

The meeting and all public hearings will take place in the Supervisors Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.