EMS Deemed Essential Service in Wright County. Taxpayers May Fund the Program

The Wright County Board of Supervisors are moving forward with a proposal to address staffing and funding of the Emergency Medical Services within the county. The board had adopted a Resolution on August 14th last year which recognized and declared Emergency Medical Services in Wright County to be essential services. According to the resolution, it was done to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of Wright County citizens because it would generate funding to preserve and improve the local EMS system.

When EMS programs are declared to be essential services, they fall under county or state control and are generally funded that way. In some cases, it means that the service is stationed in one or two locations instead of individual cities. Some in the industry say that it slows down response times because of this.

The county will look at a resolution in a public hearing today at 10am designed to maintain and enhance the Emergency Medical Services in Wright County through a new property tax that will be imposed over the next five years. The county is hoping to raise $586,652 annually that would go soley to EMS and would be governed by Iowa Code Chapter 422D concerning its proper usage.

The resolution goes onto state that a special election will be called by the Wright County Board of Supervisors and will take place on August 7th. Voters in Wright County can vote to approve the new taxation whose money would go directly into Emergency Medical Services in Wright County. The Supervisors will then set the property tax rate in order to meet the proposed $586,652.

The public hearing will take place today in the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion. Those with concerns or wanting to find out more can attend the 10am hearing. The general public is invited.