Wright County May Opt for a County Wide Ambulance Service

It is one of the major concerns of those in the paramedic industry. The drop in the number of available paramedics, especially at the volunteer level, to fill positions now available in the area. Winnebago County has lost one of their staff members through resignation this week and other counties are feeling the pinch too. With the idea of Emergency Medical Services possibly becoming an essential service have been floated around recently, it may mean that counties like Winnebago, Worth, or Hancock would have a county wide EMS system due to a funding issue by the state.

Wright County is already visiting the issue. The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Monday beginning at 10am discussing emergency services in Wright County. A county wide plan will be presented to the board and to those residents in the county wishing to attend. The board will hear any public comment during the hearing. If the measure were to be adopted, it would establish a new property tax.

The hearing will take place in Clarion at the Wright County Courthouse in the Supervisors Room.