Area Voters Will See New Voter ID Rules at the Polls

Iowans age 50 and older are the largest single voting bloc, and with the state’s primary elections just three weeks away, they’re being reminded about a change in voting rules that will be introduced this year and implemented in 2019. The new law requires Iowa voters to bring a form of identification, such as a driver’s license, to the polls.
Jeremy Barewin, associate state director for communications and outreach at AARP Iowa, said events being held statewide this month will provide members and guests more information.

For this year only, people who don’t bring identification to the polls on June 5 can still vote, but need to sign an oath verifying their identity.

Registration for the free AARP events can be made with the organization’s online site or by calling 877-926-8300. In addition to new voting-rule information, Barewin said AARP events will include discussion about issues that primarily effect those age 50 and older.

Barewin said seniors who don’t have an Iowa driver’s license or a new state-issued voter ID card have other options for voting, including a military ID, veterans ID or valid passport.

Iowa’s absentee voting period has been shortened from 40 to 29 days. Winnebago County Commissioner of Elections Karla Weiss has announced that absentee ballots are now available during business hours at the Winnebago County Courthouse. Hancock County Commissioner of Elections Michelle Eisenman has made the same announcement for voters in Hancock County. Absentee ballots may be cast at the either the Winnebago or Hancock County Courthouses during business hours, or they may be requested. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to request a ballot by mail or to take home. Voters should call their respective courthouse in the county they reside in for complete details. 

Lawmakers who passed the new voter ID legislation said it will crack down on potential voter fraud. The new voter law is online at, and more information is at