Tribute Towers Arrival Scheduled for Thursday Amidst Grand Fanfare

The Tribute Towers Memorial will be making its way into Britt on Thursday. It honors the brave men and women who have fought and died for our country during the post 9-11 era. This memorial, like its counterpart, the Vietnam War Memorial, otherwise known as “The Wall” is a symbol of an era. The Tribute Towers Memorial will be on display for the first time in Iowa in Britt and a week long celebration is  planned that will honor all the veterans in the area.

Organizer Jerry Christianson says the towers will make their toward Britt on Thursday.

Once the towers memorial arrives between 2pm and 3pm on Thursday in Britt, there will be a number of things that will happen.

Christianson says that Friday will be a day for area students to get a look at the towers.

There will be  a ceremony on Saturday featuring dignitaries, along with a performance by regional country music singer, Rocky Lynne.

The Tribute Towers will be in Britt until 6pm on Sunday. For that reason Christianson says that he needs volunteers to help.