King’s “Protect Interstate Commerce Act” Included In the Farm

U. S. Representative Steve King

Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, announces that his “Protect Interstate Commerce Act”(PICA), H.R. 4879, has been included as a provision of H.R. 2, the “Farm Bill.” King offered PICA as an amendment during the House Agriculture Committee’s mark-up of H.R. 2 this afternoon. Shortly after the King amendment was placed in the legislation via a voice vote, the Committee voted 26-20 to send the “Farm Bill” to the floor of the House of Representatives, with King voting in favor of sending the amended bill to the floor.

“I am grateful that my ‘Protect Interstate Commerce Act’ legislation was endorsed by the House Agriculture Committee and included in the Farm Bill,” said King. “States do not have the Constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce; the United States Congress does. If California, or any other state, wants to regulate how products are made within their borders, they can do so. But Iowa’s producers should not be held hostage to the demands of California’s Vegan Lobby and California’s regulatory agencies.”

King’s PICA legislation is designed to end unconstitutional efforts by some states to regulate the means of production of agricultural goods in other states. As one example, the State of California is attempting to prevent the sale of eggs that are raised in any state which does not adhere to California’s burdensome regulations governing cage sizes. Such restrictions are an unconstitutional infringement on Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce. King’s legislation is necessary because without the protections PICA provides, producers from states that do not comply with the shifting regulatory whims of a state like California would lose access to important markets.