Winnebago Supervisors to Address a Project Completion From Two Years Ago

The Winnebago Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am at the Winnebago County Courthouse. The meeting will begin with a discussion on drainage District 18 Laterals 1 and 3. Gary Krull will address the board on the projects which were completed two years ago. Krull is looking for answers to questions he has about the two projects.

The board will then hear from Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders. He will talk about the state of the roads and address any concerns or projects before the county. He will also discuss some equipment purchases his department wants to make for the upcoming summer season.

Two other items before the board of some concern involve the Public Purpose Resolutions for the Public Health Department and the contract proposal for Waste Management. The board will address these and possibly approve a liquor license for Izaak Walton Rice Lake.