Lake Mills City Council to Discuss Urban Renewal

The Lake Mills City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm with a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the Lake Mills Urban Renewal Area. The public will have a chance to voice their opinion or voice concerns on the matter. The resolution in question is #18-13 and if there are no major objections to the amendment, the council may opt to approve it.

The council will also hear about two 7th Grade Citizen Projects. The first is to purchase dog waste stations and the other is to redo the volleyball courts. The council may approve the project work.

Summer activity and employment issues will be reviewed next as the council may approve two city parks beer beer/wine permits. One is for the July Jubilee Softball Tournament and the other is for the Men’s Softball League. The council will then look at establishing a summer staff, setting their salaries, and approving the Pool Employee Handbook amendments on staff meetings and in-services.

The council may also approve the use of city property for the July Jubilee which will host a beer garden and the street dance.

Finally, the council may review and possibly pass Ordinance 258. This piece amends provisions pertaining to rates for water and sewer services.

The council will meet in the Lake Mills City Hall and the public is welcome to attend.