Hancock County Cities To Discuss 911 Dispatch Services Tonight

Several city councils from Hancock County will be meeting tonight at the Britt City Hall at 170 S. Main Street. The meeting is slated to begin at 6:30pm and will involve the discussion of what approaches they will take with the dramatic increases in Hancock County 911 Dispatch service fees. Some cities in Hancock County will see a 100% to 300% increase according to Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing.

That would be a 300% increase for the City of Garner. Some cities have avoided the increase because they fall under a population limit. The county stipulated that those cities who have 500 or less in a population base will not have to see an increase. Klemme has 507 residents which puts it just above the limit and subject to substantial increases in fees for county wide 911 services. Other cities such as Britt, Kanawha, and Garner are looking at the impacts that this may have on their budgets.

The cities have all operated without a 28E Sharing Agreement with the county. Tonight’s meeting is hoping to change all that. The cities are asking the county to agree to a 28E before enforcing the increases. The cities will also be exploring other options regarding Hancock County Dispatching Services.

The public is invited to attend.