Garner City Council to Meet Tonight

The Garner City Council will meet tonight beginning at 7pm with a Public Forum that allows Garner residents to express opinions on issues before the city or on items they feel the council should address. The council cannot take immediate action on the issues presented, but may schedule them for a later date.

The council will then address various appointments to council committees, boards, and commissions. They will also address various building permits in the consent agenda.

Storm sewer projects will also be reviewed. Some of these projects are headed for repair, such as the East 2nd Street Project according to Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing.

Meanwhile, the Cottonwood Storm Sewer Project has seen good progress since it’s start two months ago.

The Allen Avenue Storm Sewer Project may be reviewed tonight. The engineering specs and costs will be revealed and the city hopes to go forward with it sometime in mid April. The city was able to bond out for the Allen Avenue and the Cottonwood storm Sewer Projects without affecting Garner taxpayers.

The city will review and approve Resolution 2018-21 which authorizes the issuance of those general obligation storm sewer bonds and provides for the levy of taxes for them.

The city will also review and hold a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year 2018-19 city budget. The council may approve Resolution 2018-20 which approves the budget. They will then review the Fiscal Year 2017 budget through an audit done by Renner and Birchem.

The council is also looking at the rehabilitation of housing within the city limits. The council may approve the mayors appointments to the Housing Rehabilitation Committee. They have also begun the process of obtaining grants according to Lansing.

The hearing and the council meeting are open to the public and will be held at the Garner City Hall.