Worth County May See a New Hog Confinement Facility

Worth County residents were invited to a public hearing concerning a proposed hog confinement facility near Silver Lake. The hearing lasted for over an hour and during that time, the residents told the board that they did not want a new facility there. Residents complained of the potential smell and potential water pollution issues. The majority seemed to not be in favor of a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation or CAFO.

Most recently, Winnebago Supervisors voted down the idea of a possible CAFO in their county. Humboldt County is appealing a court decision on a CAFO just north of Thor. Hancock County has approved the construction of CAFO’s in their county, but others nearby have rejected the notion.

Two of the worth County Supervisors were in favor of proposed CAFO and voted to confirm the matrix score of 450. Only Supervisor Chairman Ken Abrams abstained.

The new facility is proposed to handle 5,000 hogs.