Could a Super-2 Highway be down the Road?

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution Monday in support of the Highway 18 Super-2 Coalition. Several corridors including Highway 18 are being considered for improvements. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, a 4 lane expansion may not be in the cards for Highway 18, but enhancements like paved shoulders, left- and right-turn lanes, acceleration lanes and passing lanes could be.

A configuration of improvements dubbed the “Super-2” is considered by the DOT as safer than a standard two-lane roadway, but one that provides most of the benefits of a four-lane route at a lower cost.  Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells more about it.

Hancock County Economic Development Director Jill Kramer is representing the county on the Highway 18 Super-2 Coalition.  According to Supervisor Tlach, these improvements could mean positive things for economic development.

Forming the Highway 18 Super-2 Coalition is the initial step in a long process, but Tlach says its members have begun discussions with the DOT and will continue to work towards moving Highway 18 in the right direction.