Winnebago Supervisors to Discuss Drainage and Budget Hearings

The Winnebago Supervisors will meet this morning to hear from Maintenance Director Kevin Williams regarding personnel matters within his department. Attention will then turn to the final version of the 2018-19 County Budget. The board may set a Public Hearing date so that the county residents may voice their opinions on the budget before it is officially adopted by the county.

Attention will then turn to drainage and an issue regarding Drainage District 89. The Department of Natural Resources is engaged in a project in the district and Mark Johnson of the Roads Department will address both the project and its possible effect on the drainage lines. Other drainage issues may also be addressed in the discussion.

One final item will concern wind turbines. The board will issues regarding construction, location, and operation of the turbines.

At 10am, the board will begin interviews with insurance brokers in the ongoing search for better health insurance rates. The board may change from the current insurance provider because of the recent scandal involving hidden and misleading fees charged by now former members of the current broker. The board may decide on the new broker immediately after the interviews are concluded.

Todays meeting will take place in the Winnebago County Courthouse, in the Supervisors Room, beginning at 9am.